May 242012
The Western Addition
Post and Steiner
Hamilton Pool and Rec Center
The Blues Revolution Part II by Santie Huckaby
This is Part II of the Blues Revolution.  You can see Part I here.  Santie Huckaby was born in Ohio, and has spent 40 years in San Francisco working as a professional musician, sign painter and muralist. Included in his resume is the Rosa Parks mural, (at the Rosa Parks Elementary School in San Francisco) which was awarded best mural of 1997. He is currently an artist in residence at Hunter’s Point Shipyard, artist in residence at the Bayview Opera House, an art teacher with the Carver Mural Program in San Francisco and continues his vocation as a sign painter.

  5 Responses to “Western Addition – Blues Revolution Part II”

  1. Love it! I guess this one is even better than the one you previously posted.

  2. Wonderful! 🙂

  3. Superb mural! Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  4. […] engaged in athletic activities. It sits between the two music murals shown in this blog earlier here, and here. This tile mural has been on the walls of the rec center since it opened. Mary […]

  5. […] Western Addition, San Francisco, May 21, 2012  Santie Huckaby, Western Addition  Add comments May 212012   The Western Addition Post and Steiner Hamilton Pool and Rec Center The Blues Evolution by Santie Huckaby Part I Sponsored by the Blues R&B Foundation. The Blues and R&B Foundation website is very interesting and this is what they said about the mural. We’ve received a lot of wonderful comments and support from the community concerning our mural. What has particularly stood out to us is the way it affects the youth that pass by all of the time, they look and ask questions. We’re on first name basis with many students that pass by. The mural represents unity and strength of accomplishments to those who work hard at anything they choose to do. It also shows the dues that were paid by artist for the next generations of artist. However, what’s even more great is that most of the artist on the walls has come from our beautiful city, San Francisco or Bay Area. What a great legacy to pass on to our youth giving them a sense of pride and confidence to last them their lifetime, but also the older generation, being able to remember their part in that struggle that opened doors for many today! A piece of history that should be passed on. The purpose of this mural and two book project is to educate our youth and enjoyment for those who are interested. With the books, it will pass on information from the pioneers of music. We will tell the story of those who are still alive, but also comments from family members whom represent the artist that have passed on. We’re trying to implement programs within the SF Unified school district and we have the support of the individual SF Park and recreation sites to have afterschool programs teaching what were writing about even more. Any monies raised from the book will go into a fund to keep these projects going in the school system so it won’t affect any budgets and we will give scholarships to those who would like to further their crafts. We will also be giving instruments to student/adults that need them. These afterschool programs and seminars etc. will be free to the public. An incentive to promote unity and confidence in individuals giving them a positive outlook no matter what their circumstances may be. See Part II Here. […]