Mosaic Planter at Beautiful McLaren Park

 Posted by on December 5, 2012
Dec 052012

McNab Lake
Wayland and University Street
John McLaren Park

Monica Treanor was educated in Trinity college, Dublin, Ireland where she graduated with a PhD in Environmental Sciences. She has worked as an ecologist on all seven continents. Her experiences stretch from the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific, living on a uninhabited island to the frozen Antarctica where she was the ecologist on board a tall ship expedition.

Monica’s passion for the environment and her extensive knowledge of the fine, intricate details of nature are delightfully exposed in her work as a mosaic artist. She first began her training as an apprentice tiler with “Treanor Tile” when she came to San Francisco in 2003.

Monica secured grants from First Five, and introduced young children to both freshwater and marine life.  The horizontal surface of this planter box depicts life on the surface of the adjacent lake.




  4 Responses to “Mosaic Planter at Beautiful McLaren Park”

  1. I’m glad you posted the two bottom pictures because I couldn’t see the tiles in the first. She is, indeed, a talented artist. It seems to me great skill is exhibited here in the tiled artwork. How does she do that?

  2. Like Lowell said, the bottom 2 pics really enabled me to see her skill as a tiler and a designer.

  3. I am quite taken with her distinctive use of the horizontal and vertical surfaces as a teaching tool. Lovely composition.

  4. Lovely tile work!