Lions and Bears in the Park

 Posted by on May 23, 2013
May 232013

The Brown Gate
8th and Fulton Street

Bear on the pillar at 9th and Fulton

This bear and lion that grace the pillars when you enter the park at 8th and Fulton are by M. Earl Cummings.  Cummings has been in this website many, many times, he also has quite a few sculptures within Golden Gate Park.

Lion at 9th and Fulton

These sculptures were a gift of Susanna Brown, a one time resident of San Francisco.  Ms. Brown gave $5000 to create the animals which were installed in 1908 to honor her late husband.

Gustave Albert Lansburgh of Lansburgh and Joseph, a firm noted for its movie theater design, is responsible for the stonework.

Bear at 8th and Fulton in San Francisco


Lion at 8th and Fulton in San Francisco

  3 Responses to “Lions and Bears in the Park”

  1. They are very fierce-looking creatures. Good they have survived so long.

  2. These definitely have some character to them. I like them!

  3. Fierce indeed!