Ian Ross – SOMA

 Posted by on July 2, 2012
Jul 022012
870 Harrison
Juxtaposed with Zio Zieglers black and white mural at 870 Harrison street is this vibrant mural by Ian Ross.
 Ian Ross paints energy. In front of an audience on stage, in his lush backyard studio, or in the warehouse at Facebook HQ, his work is alive. Ross works “without the burden of intention” and reacts to each moment with bold graffiti inspired forms and colors. Ross has developed his unique style for 20 years and takes great pride in his spontaneous method. His street art style has become widely accepted and revered in a fine art realm. He has become known as the “Tech/Start-up Artist” painting live murals in high tech offices for Companies like Facebook, Google, Vendini, Alphaboost, AdRoll and Zimride.




  16 Responses to “Ian Ross – SOMA”

  1. Talk about energy in his art — it just jumps off the wall there! I love how you framed the image.

  2. Oh I absolutely love this, especially the black & white.

  3. What a great contrast to the other one! Love it.

  4. this is my kind of mural. i adore it.

  5. Wow. Very striking mural and a good contrast to the B&W decoration adjacent to it.

  6. Very nice comparison between the B&W and the color! Nice work too…very interesting info you provided.

  7. Talk about contrasting styles! Ross’ bold design and color explodes with radiating energy while ZZ’s complex style works more like gravity pulling you in to study its intricacy. The juxtaposition is incredibly engaging. If Ross doesn’t like the “burden of intention” does that mean he never plans? Just channels all that energy I guess. Thanks for this engaging contribution to Monday Mural.

    • Ross prefers to not plan. He only plans upon client’s request, otherwise is all organic free style.

  8. The red curtains also add a nice contrast to the murals. Interesting architecture where the one building is recessed inward compared to the rest of the buildings on that block.

  9. This is beautiful! Makes me wonder what those tech offices look like inside:)

  10. Oh yes, wonderful contrast with the B&W. Instant appeal, this one!

    [Thanks for directing me to The Great Disruption. I agree it is inevitable that there will be a tipping point; but it will be a gruesome journey getting there… and beyond. Are you aware of the Venus Project? I’m not at all convinced that solution is workable, but it’s an optimistic vision.

  11. Murals make me happy. We need more of them here in Helsinki!

  12. Love the color of this mural. Green is so rarely done. Great contrast with the building next door.

  13. Okay, I think I figured this out! The plant is a huge marijuana plant growing right there in the city! The b&w image is of a poor guy who desperately needs what the plant has to offer! Right?

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