Golden Gate Park – General Henry Wager Halleck

 Posted by on February 20, 2012
Feb 202012
Golden Gate Park

*This is Major General Henry Wager Halleck. His sculptor was Carl H. Conrads. Halleck was general-in chief of armies in the US from 1862- 1864. He then became Secretary of State and helped frame the California Constitution.

The statue was a gift of Halleck’s chief-of-staff General George W. Cullum and is located on JFK Drive near the tennis courts.

Halleck was responsible for erecting the Montgomery Block a financial district office building. The Montgomery block was touted as one of the first fireproof buildings, which proved true when it survived the ’06 quake and fire. However, it fell to developers in the 1960’s and was replaced with the Transamerica Pyramid.

Conrads, born in Germany and emigrated to the U.S. in 1860, served in the Union Army before settling in Hartford Connecticut. He is responsible for the sculpture of Alexander Hamilton in Central Park, and others at West Point and Washington D.C..

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  1. I’m enjoying your sculptures from the park! I like the evidence of weather and aging. Must be a beautiful place to visit!

  2. Another excellent work. I’ve always found it interesting that so many of our statues are of military leaders!

  3. I like the lines of the Transamerica building…oh, well.

  4. I love these memorial statues.

  5. I wonder what Halleck would think of politicians now. Maybe it’s the same old same old.

  6. Fireproof but not developer proof I guess.

  7. I have to see this in person i owe it to my Great Great Great Grandfather to visit his statue! Thank you for being apart of sculpting our Amazing Nation.