Glass Goddesses

 Posted by on September 9, 2017
Sep 092017

Trinity Plaza
Market at 8th
April 2017

Trinity PlazaTrinity Plaza falls under the 1% for Art program.  Although the project began construction several years ago, the public space areas are not yet complete.  The concept for the public space  (titled “C’era Una Volta” – Once Upon a Time) was developed by artist Lawrence Argent.

The overall composition of the open space is comprised of glass and marble sculptures, a stone wall and assemblage of blocks evocative of a quarry, and several scattered marble blocks with partially carved sculptures that appear to emerge from the stone.

Two of these glass sculptures can now be seen at the entry, although a large grate still prevents the public from entering the park area.  These two sculptures sit atop a mosaic tile floor patterned from an ancient Pompeiian mosaic.  It is made of Bardiglio marble, Carrara white marble and Chinese Black granite.

Trinity Plaza Glass sculpture

The glass sculptures are 3/4” thick tempered clear glass with a hollow cavity inside.  There are LED lights sculpted within that will change colors.

Argent obtained a B.A. in sculpture from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and an M.F.A. from Rinehart School of Sculpture, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland.