Candlestick Park Community Garden Mural

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Jan 302013

1150 Carroll Avenue
Candlestick Park State Recreation Area

Candlestick Point Community Garden Mural

This mural is on the side of the Candlestick Park Rangers Office.  The area in front is the Candlestick Point Community Garden.

The theme of the mural, expressed through symbolism, shape and color shows the various stages of the gardening experience.  The mural 30′ x 100′, took four months to complete.  It was designed in 1982,  by five artists and graduate students from San Francisco State University.  Barbara Plant, Gary Mathews, Eric Graham, James Adams and Maria Gonzalez.

Rather than using the wall surface as a canvas to be covered, the artists incorporated the exposed pebble wall into the design and purposely left areas unpainted.

Candlestick Point Community Garden MuralThis photo is from the original dedication 

Candlestick Point State Recreation Area was the first California State Park unit developed to bring state park values into the urban setting. From historic wetlands to landfill to landscaped park, Candlestick Point demonstrates major land use changes of the San Francisco Bay. Its name is derived from 19th century locals who thought the burning of nearby abandoned sailing ships and their flaming masts in the bay resembled lighted candlesticks.

1150 Carroll Avenue, San Francisco


Artwork at Candlestick Park

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Nov 202012
Artwork at Candlestick Park

Candlestick Park Gate A Jamestown Avenue St Francis by Ruth Wakefield Cravath – 1971-1973 The sculpture is a standing abstract figure representing St. Francis, the patron saint of San Francisco. The figure is made of concrete, but the face, torso, halo, cross, and lower section of his robe are made of colored pieces of Plexiglas. The halo is gold; the face and torso are turquoise; the cross is red; and the lower section of the robe is gold. The sculpture is installed on a low base in the middle of the bus area at the stadium. Ruth Wakefield Cravath is known Continue Reading

Candlestick Park – Endangered Garden

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Nov 042011
Candlestick Park - Endangered Garden

Candlestick Park The Endangered Garden by Patricia Johanson “Endangered Garden”, a linear park along San Francisco Bay was commissioned in 1987 by the San Francisco Arts Commission. As co-designer of the thirty million dollar “Sunnydale Facilities”, a pump station and holding tank for water and sewage, Patricia Johanson’s intent was to present this functional structure as a work of art and a productive landscape. Other goals included increasing food and habitat for wildlife, and providing maximum public access to San Francisco Bay. Tidal sculpture, butterfly meadow, habitat restoration, seating, and overlook are all incorporated into the image of the endangered Continue Reading