Os Redeiros

 Posted by on March 20, 2015
Mar 202015

Ramon Conde, Vigo, Spain

This striking and strong sculpture is by Ramon Conde and stands on the Gran Via  in Vigo Spain.

Os Redeiros

Titled Os Redeiros it is of seven nude fisherman straining to pull in a net.  The city of Vigo is a major fishing port in Spain.

Ramon Conde Fisherman sculptureRamón Conde was born in Ourense Spain December 18, 1951, the son of a stone sculptor.

In 1971 he joined the Faculty of Arts in Santiago.


He has shown all over Europe and in the United States.


Other public works include the Arc de Triomphe (Lugo), the monument to Alonso III de Fonseca (in the Cloister of the Palacio de Fonseca, Santiago de Compostela), the monument to Coleman and Reverter and the Milkmaid (Ourense), the True Contrast (Pontevedra) or Homage to Emigration (in Vigo).

Conde currently has his studio is in Milladoiro, near Santiago de Compostela.