The Last Caravan in the Lower Haight

 Posted by on November 7, 2012
Nov 072012

Love in The Lower Haight
Haight Side of the Project
Laguna and Haight Streets


This piece is part of the Love in the Lower Haight Project, it is a collaboration between Max Ehrman, aka EON75, Ernest Doty and Griffin One. Its title is The Last Caravan.

 Max Ehrman AKA E.O.N. 75 (Extermination of Normality) was born in 1975 in Naples Florida.  After attending the University of Florida heaved to Europe and studied architecture at the Dessau Institute of Architecture where he received his masters. Max presently resides in San Francisco.

 Ernest Doty is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and now resides in Oakland.  He is known for his rainbow work, including the one on Market Street in San Francisco.

 Sean Griffin AKA Griffin is Currently based out of Oakland, CA. Griffin has built a career for himself as a Aerosol Muralist, Painter, Illustrator & Designer.
He continues to balance his focus between his own canvas & mural work, as well as hand full of underground T-shirt lines, independent record labels & live artistry locally & worldwide.



  5 Responses to “The Last Caravan in the Lower Haight”

  1. Fantastic! What a great creative artist.

  2. Great mural and great location for it. I’d love to see much more public art exploring the realms of dark fantasy The long-snouted creature in the last photo looks somewhat like a Skeksi. I wonder if it’s an intentional reference to “Dark Crystal” or just a coincidence?

  3. Incredible skill level!

  4. No, not for me – if the guy painted this on my wall I’d have it white-washed! 😀

  5. Not my cup of tea but quite impressive!