Arelious Walker Stairway

 Posted by on May 5, 2014
May 052014

Innes Avenue
Bay View / Hunters Point

Arelious Walker Stairway

This was the proposal that was written for the Call for Artists by the SFAC:

The Arelious Walker Drive Stair replacement is a dynamic community project in partnership with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the Department of Public Works to create ceramic tile mosaic steps on the Arelious Walker Drive extending uphill from Innes Avenue to Northridge Road in the Bay View Hunters Point neighborhood. The stairway provides a vital connection from an isolated low-income community to the India Basin Shoreline, the Bay Trail, Herons Head Park, and future development at Hunters Point Shipyard. The mosaic steps project will enhance the character and livability of the surrounding area so that it becomes a gathering place consistent with the nature and spirit of the neighborhood. The project will also beautify the site by landscaping it with California native plants, succulents, and other drought tolerant species to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Collette Crutcher

The new stair comprises 87 equal steps, each measuring four feet wide (4’) and seven inches high (7”). Each riser will be faced in ceramic tile mosaic ½ inch thick.

Aileen Barr

The artists chosen are the same lovely ladies that are responsible for two tiled stairways in Golden Gate HeightsColette Crutcher and Aileen Barr.  Both ladies have been in this website many times before.  The cost for the installation was slated to be $90,000.

Arelious Walker Stairway



Tile Stairs in Hunters Point*

Tile Stairs in Bayview*

Bayview hunters point tile stairway*

Collette Crutcher Aileen Bar Stairways




  3 Responses to “Arelious Walker Stairway”

  1. The work Aileem and Colette are doing is not only transforming San Francisco and creating inviting quality spaces where members of our extended community meet, but also serves a a great example of how wonderful artists collaborate with members of their community to produce positive change. Everything they are doing to create these results is spectacular. And replicable. Thanks for documenting their latest efforts.

  2. I really like the way the tile colors creates movement up the stairs. Hope the plantings have flowers that compliment the colors scheme.