My name is Cindy Casey and for thirty years I owned a small custom manufacturing company titled Michael H. Casey Designs.  We manufactured the wonderful ornaments that decorate the insides and outsides of many of the buildings of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I believe to truly appreciate the buildings we gaze upon it helps to know their history, I hope that I bring enough knowledge to you about the various buildings, that you not only seek them out, but that you want to learn more.

San Francisco is an inherently easy city to walk. Whether  you are a local or a visitor, when you walk, you will most likely trip across not only fabulous buildings but public art of some form. I began writing about the art in direct response to a New York Times article titled City’s Art Is a Victim of Neglect, Damage and Loss.

I have broken this blog down by neighborhood, so if you find yourself out walking and see a piece of art or a building that strikes your fancy, look it up it should be here.  If it isn’t send me a  note, I will research it and do my best to get it up for everyone’s enjoyment. I spend my weekends walking this wonderful city and photographing what ever comes my way.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

P.S. – Sometimes I leave San Francisco and go to visit others.  When I do, I love seeing what they have to offer in the way of architecture and accessible public art.  Hence, the tabs of other cities.  If these are your cities, I hope I captured it well while I was there.


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