1176 Harrison

 Posted by on August 10, 2016
Aug 102016
1176 Harrison Street, San Francisco Galvanizing Works

San Francisco Galvanizing Works

This 9,796 square-foot building is actually two: the east section was constructed in 1912 and the west section was constructed in 1929. The buildings were unified by the present façade in 1929, This 1-story, steel and reinforced concrete industrial building was designed in the Art Moderne style. The interesting architectural details include an incised sign that reads “San Francisco Galvanizing Works,” concrete beltcourses, a stepped recessed bay, galvanized metal rivets, and a parapet.

Like its neighbor at 1140 Harrison it to sits in the Western SOMA Light Industrial and Residential Historic District.  Also likes it neighbor it is historically significant due to its age, but that does not prevent it from being torn down sometime in the future.

The building it attributed to Charles E. Rogers. According to the 1918 List of Architects Holding Certificates to Practice in the State of California Mr. Rogers had his office in the Phelan Building.

The building is also attributed to Dodge Reidy. If this is the case one must assume that the Charles E. Rogers is the same Charles E. Rogers that is often listed as an architect in San Francisco as Charles E.J. Rogers.

These two gentlemen worked to gather on a few buildings in San Francisco: 256 Willow, a garage, which is part of the Van Ness Automobile Row Historical district, and WPA project, Lawton Elementary School at 1510 31st Avenue

Other than that Mr. Rogers is rather elusive,  buildings attributed to him: Nam Kue School at 765 Sacramento Street in Chinatown, Earle Hotel at 248 Golden Gate Avenue, an apartment building at 1030 Bush Street, 924 Grant and several homes.

Mr. Rogers was also part of the team that developed both the Potrero Hill and Deharo Plaza Housing projects.

Mr. Dodge Reidy is as elusive as his business partner.  Buildings attributed to him are the Garlock Packing Building at 670 Howard Street, the Larkin Street USO Hospitality Center. He is also listed as the City Architect for San Francisco in 1946.